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How to Harangue the Holiday Heaviness – Part 2

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The holidays are once again upon us, and if you haven’t already stuffed yourself with latkes, cookies, and turkeys, you can still be redeemed – or resurrected, I guess I should say. I know, I know, that’s more appropriate for the Easter/Passover blog.

And even if you have uncontrollably stuffed yourself you can still be saved as well. While I’ve not the option to enjoy latkes or cookies on account of my food sensitivities, I did indulge in an entire bag of Ghirardelli mint chocolate squares the other day for no reason whatsoever, and I’ve recovered quite well. I’ll show you how you can too.

Navigating the holiday hoe downs can be tricky, and I’m not talking about the single girls at the matzo ball. Work parties. Family parties. Friend parties. The opportunities to fress are rampant. What’s a hungry holiday-er to do?

Retain an otherwise balanced eating pattern

Don’t starve yourself all day in preparation for the drinks and delicacies you’ll be enjoying all night. While you may think you’re making room, once that first drink hits your empty stomach you’ll proceed as though you have all the room in the world.

Make sure to consume a proper breakfast and lunch. Keep hunger at bay so you don’t eat an entire plate of latkes by the time you’re shouting nun gimmel shin hei!


  1. Oatmeal (steel cut oats + nonfat milk or water; add cinnamon and any other preferred festive, no-calorie seasonings; top with fruit such as berries or a banana; tack on Splenda®, Stevia, or Truvia® if you need additional sweetener)

  2. Greek yogurt w/fruit and/or nuts (I don’t care if it’s a fruit flavored yogurt, I’m not going to tell you to eat tasteless plain – we’re not making a kugel here)

  3. Vegetable omelet (cooked with non-stick cooking spray NOT butter); 2 pieces of whole wheat toast optional, may top with Smart Balance®

If you’re more of a grazer because you read that you should eat 6 small non-gluten containing meals a day and now that’s your basis for life, pack yourself some snacks to bring to work or the MoMA (I don’t know what people do when they’re off for the holidays).


  1. Apple and peanut butter

  2. Trail mix

  3. Easily transportable fruit such as banana or clementine

  4. Rice cakes

  5. Greek yogurt

  6. Cut up vegetables such as carrots and celery

Let’s get real, most of us aren’t doing this, so I’m going to tell you how to avoid that bag of Ghirardelli mint chocolate guilt.

Give yourself permission

Sometimes, if you tell yourself “It’s OK” to stray from your diet for a day or seven, you won’t feel so guilty when you do. Just make sure to get back on track within a reasonable time period so the pounds don’t pile up and you don’t have to pay someone like me to transform your Christmas bonus into a meal plan. I, however, wouldn’t mind if you do. Contact me here for an appointment.

Keep active

Ice skating and fighting your way down 5th Avenue are always good ideas. I know I had a fun time navigating tourists and telephoto lenses to get to work the other day. With gym hours abbreviated and workout clothes snug, it’s time to get creative. You know what else is a good workout? Wrapping presents. The arm extension exercises I performed throwing the ball for my dog to keep him away from my project on the floor alone were beneficial. And Teddy got a little workout too. (He even lost .2 lbs according to the vet. I made that up I don’t closely track his weight.)

Also, now that the weather is getting cold, may was well turn that New Years kiss into a romp under the covers. Skin to skin contact burns calories, produces heat, and keeps you warm. A woman just almost lost a limb hiking in the cold. Let that be a cautionary tale. Stay in bed, and let the opportunity for physical activity come to you.

There you have it: Tote a snack, forge yourself a permission slip, and weave through crowds to reach your destination. Sounds like we’re back in high school, and maybe we’ll even fit into those old jeans too!



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