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Initial Consultation

$225 per session

90-minute visit to gather relevant diet and medical history, establish goals, and formulate a plan to meet individual needs.
Initial Intake Form

Follow Up

$125 per session

30 to 45-minute check-ins to monitor progress toward goals and amend nutrition or fitness plan as necessary. 

MRT Food Sensitivity Test / 

LEAP Elimination Diet Therapy

Elimination/reintroduction diet protocol based on results from Mediator Release Test (MRT), a blood test to identify food sensitivities. LEAP ImmunoCalm Diet Therapy can help manage inflammatory conditions such as IBS, migraines, and fibromyalgia. 

Personal Training

$100 per session

Exercise program designed and implemented specifically to your needs to help achieve training or body composition goals.

Exercise Prescription

$25 per session

Want a complete day-to-day exercise plan created for you to follow on your own?
Jessica has got you covered. 
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Not sure what services are right for you?

Jessica has you covered!

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